consumer financing

Offering Customers Flexible Payment Options

To serve customers the best way you can, you need consumer finance options from Xcellerated Business Funding. We can help you implement a credit card program that offers your customers flexible financing and increases the overall appeal of your business. In turn, that helps your business grow.

For the Good of Your Customers

Customers enjoy a fast and easy checkout that allows them to pay in multiple ways. A credit card program provides an alternative payment option that is convenient and offers management features for money conscious consumers. Other benefits your customers can receive with this program include the following:

  • An online payment center
  • Convenient access to support services
  • Secure transactions
  • Revolving line of credit

For the Good of Your Business

Adding a credit card program to your business allows you to become a main competitor in your industry and show customers that you offer flexible payment options. The following are other benefits your business can enjoy with the implementation of this program:

  • Fast and secure customer transactions
  • The creation of a loyal customer base
  • Establishing brand awareness
  • Repeat business from satisfied customers
  • Support and training to use this program
  • Help collecting bad debt
  • E-signature

Launch Your Program Today

Your business can grow with consumer finance solutions from Xcellerated Business Funding. Contact us for more information and launch your credit card program today.