Satisfying Your Equipment Need With the Right Financing

In some cases, equipment can be the driving force of a business. Since the right equipment can make a big difference in the performance of your company, Xcellerated Business Funding is here to offer you the equipment financing you need to keep up with competitors in the industry and customer demand.

Benefits for Companies That Lease

As with all our financing options, we strive to make leasing an appealing and viable option for businesses. Of course, the main benefit of this financing is that your business can install new or upgraded equipment. In turn, that can help increase your profits and expand your business. However, the following loan terms also serve as benefits:

  • No more than five days for approval of application
  • Monthly payments
  • A small down payment, if necessary
  • A maximum of $500,000 in financing
  • Terms lasting 84 months

Leasing Programs Available

The type of equipment leasing you apply for is often dependent on your business structure. That’s why we offer three distinct programs to serve a wide audience. In no particular order, the first is for government offices. We’re capable of providing funding for equipment needed in public libraries, public schools, government and municipal buildings, and even police and fire stations.
The second is for startup businesses. Our funding can help you purchase or lease the equipment you need to get things up and running, whether that is bulldozers or computers.
Lastly, we have a program that allows you to purchase equipment through a leasing agreement, called sale and lease back. In this, we lease the equipment to you just like with the other programs. The difference is that we transfer ownership of the machinery to you at the end of the lease term as long as all payments have been made.

Begin Your Financing Today

There’s no reason to put off your equipment financing when you can fill out an application today. Contact Xcellerated Business Funding to start the process of leasing new equipment to upgrade your business.