Funding Franchises of All Sizes

If you’re ready to expand your business and create a franchise, chances are you need the right financing. At Xcellerated Business Funding, we provide franchise financing to businesses like yours so you can meet customer demand while growing your business.

How To Use Our Financing

Oftentimes, creating a franchise or growing an existing one involves a lot of work. That’s why we don’t limit how this funding can be used, as each business has different needs. That being said, the following are some common ways this financing is used to help franchises:

  • Construction or renovation
  • Purchasing property
  • Buying or leasing equipment
  • Refinancing
  • Acquisitions and mergers

What Our Financing Offers

We like to provide businesses with financing that meets their needs and comes loaded with additional benefits, such as funding for working capital. The terms of this particular financing include the following:

  • Rates beginning at 6%
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • 90% LTV
  • No repercussions for pre-payment
  • Quick closing

Start Financing Your Franchise Today

Your franchise is waiting to grow and thrive, so contact Xcellerated Business Funding today to speak with our experts about the franchise financing we offer. We can walk you through your options and give you a free consultation regarding your company finances before providing you with an application for the funding that is right for you and your business.