purchase order financing

Finance Your Business Based on Your Purchase Orders

Xcellerated Business Funding lets you find the financing you need to expand your inventory using your current purchase orders. Purchase order financing lets your business focus on those business operations and sales critical to your success.

Who Qualifies

Domestic production, import and export companies can benefit from purchase order financing of their presold merchandise or finished goods. Resellers, wholesalers, producers, and distributors have access to financing to continue supplying their customers with goods. Poor cash flow doesn’t have to be a deterrent to business financing. Using purchase orders can help you grow and expand when other loan options aren’t available. Startups and businesses lacking capital can receive help.

Our Experience

You can trust Xcellerated Business Funding with your business financing because we have the experience. Our professionals can handle domestic trade purchases, letters of credit on transactions for imports and exports and work in process.

Financing Benefits

Fast and flexible financing is available with purchase order financing. Other benefits include:

  • Expanding your market share
  • No equity sacrifices or additional bank debt to grow your business
  • Customer deliveries can be made on time
  • Boost your profits
  • Fulfill larger customer orders

Quick Call

Give Xcellerated Business Funding a call to see if you qualify for purchase order financing. Business growth and opportunity await you. Speak with a financial specialist today.