Are you struggling to convert your dream business idea into reality; you are not alone. Almost 75 percent of the small to medium size business owners get overwhelmed when they have to raise capital. You have to look for the most flexible platform.  Let us support you in your quest by providing you with the necessary funds quickly.

We at XB funding meticulously arrange and streamline funding for your small business. You can secure funds safely for a startup or to explore new areas for expansion.

You need to leverage your financial resources to start a business. Finding the funds is the foremost concern for owners. It is also one of the most important choices that can make or break a business. The way you choose your funding can directly affect your business performance. You may face penalties, high fees and completely damage the outcomes. Considering a small business loan at XB will allow you to have complete ownership of your business without an expensive fee.

We believe that every business has different needs and there is no one size fits all formula. Our services cover all kinds of small businesses no matter which part of the growth cycle they are in. We give special cover to minority and women to improve their earnings. We help small investors to peruse their dreams by getting the required work capital.

Our team involves experts in the business who have a proven track record in the financial industry. We are fully regulated, tried and tested. Our team has provided funds to start new businesses like yours seamlessly. We have a solid track record of providing the best in class performance results for small businesses. We have proven leadership and innovation skills to help you boost your market presence. We also provide solutions to improve the outcomes of programs by boosting overall sales. You will receive guidelines to keep your business moving forward.

We are aimed to integrate and intertwine finance into critical areas of business ranging from startup to expansion. Our support can initiate business activities like brand development, expansion, infrastructure management, and supply chain.

Mission statement:

At XB we aspire to leverage your opportunities to start a business and create more jobs. In doing so we provide a wide range of low-interest loans that fits your small business needs when you are in your growth cycle.


Our vision is to strengthen the economy by helping it to function with small business promotion. We work by generating an economic opportunity for every member of the workforce in the society.