Be Part Of Our Team

Here at Xcellerated Business Funding, we need dedicated team members who can help our clients and grow our business. If you think you have what it takes to join our referral and broker program, get in touch with us after carefully reviewing the following benefits and expectations of working on our team.

How Being On Our Team Benefits You

We believe that our work is dependent on your abilities and efforts, which is why we strive to create an environment that nurtures and supports you. Part of that involves making sure you are paid on time after completing a project and encouraging reciprocal referrals. It also means we make sure you have the necessary resources to complete your work. Joining our team means you can do the following:

  • Receive commissions based on your work
  • Access important resources to fund projects
  • Have a support network for furthering your career
  • Work from the comfort of any location

What It Takes To Thrive On Our Team

There are certain types of people who thrive in the environment found at Xcellerated Business Funding. We look for people who can speak with our clients without hesitation, help our clients open up about their business needs and work to find the necessary financing that helps those customers. An ideal member of our team is someone who has the following characteristics and qualities:

  • A friendly personality that makes clients comfortable
  • Good listening skills to understand a customer’s needs
  • Problem solving skills to find appropriate solutions
  • The ability to stay focused and organized throughout projects
  • The drive and determination to complete tasks in a timely fashion
  • The ability to self manage and work unsupervised at times

Interview With Us Today

Does being part of our referral and broker program appeal to you? If so, give Xcellerated Business Funding a call so you can learn more about the work involved and arrange an interview with us. Being part of our team means helping businesses grow and we need people like you to make that happen.