Although the sheer size of enormous retailers can be intimidating, one area in which small businesses have the advantage is customer trust. With all the threats to privacy and security in the modern marketplace, consumers are even willing to pay more to companies that emphasize trust and transparency. Here are some tips on how you can build customer trust for your business.

Prioritize Customer Service

Consumers tend to trust your business more if they recognize that your top priority is providing excellent customer service. Instead of worrying about whether customers trust you, go all out to treat them well and they will in turn establish a long-lasting relationship with your company.

Emphasize Transparency

Giving consumers a genuine behind-the-scenes look at your business is a great way to build trust. In photos and videos on social media platforms, show people how your employees go about the process of creating and delivering your products and services. This allows followers to see your brand as more human and helps you develop a solid relationship with them.

Reveal the Source of Your Materials

If your brand emphasizes quality in the ingredients or materials that you use in your products, let your customers know where these materials come from. This is especially important and effective if your suppliers or vendors are local and environmentally aware.

Interact with Your Local Community

Small businesses can generate customer trust by becoming involved with their communities. Join local business organizations, participate in seasonal celebrations, sponsor sports teams, and help out with community projects.

Contribute to Charities

Customers will notice and approve if they see that you give back by contributing to charitable organizations. Look for a local, national, or international cause that fits your brand, and manifest genuine concern in helping it succeed. Your sincere giving will cause customers to trust you more.

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